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Business Entrepreneurial Stewardship Training

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About Us

Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to create success stories by preparing people who have chosen the path and journey of entrepreneurship. The Business Entrepreneurial Stewardship Training (BEST) Genesis Program is designed to provide training, and one-to-one consultation and technical assistance for entrepreneurs, visionaries and new business owners. Our mission is to serve as a network to promote economic vitality through business generation, job creation and capital access development for business growth. Our focus is to assist visionaries in their commitment to becoming profitable enterprisers.

The Founder And Program Background

Stokes Pacifique Associates is an entrepreneurial consulting and training firm based in Los Angeles, California. Their primary objective is to promote successful business start-up opportunities, through coaching, training and job creation for new business owners. The Principal Consultant, Frank Stokes founded and created both the nationally-recognized El Camino College Business Entrepreneurial Success Training Program and the West Los Angeles College Business Entrepreneurial Stewardship Training Genesis Program which has assisted hundreds of dislocated and laid-off workers who have chosen successful business ownership. Mr. Stokes has frequently contributed to the Los Angeles Times Small Business Section, the Bloomberg BusinessWeek "Smart Answers" Column and other publications with the focus of entrepreneurship, small business and micro-enterprise success.

Meet the BEST Numbers Accelerator Team...

Kiva is a peer-to-peer online lending program that provides 0% interest business loans through crowd-funding. Crowd-funding is “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.”

Loans are available up to $10,000. The interest rate is fixed at 0%. Loan proceeds may be used for any business purpose, including working capital. Borrowers have up to three years to repay the loan in weekly or monthly installments through PayPal. Kiva borrowers that have successfully repaid their loans may apply for subsequent loans in greater amounts. Kiva loans do not require collateral.
Frank Stokes of The BEST Mobile Accelerator, serves as a Kiva Trustee to endorse lending for Cohorts.

Ideal Candidate Qualifications Include:

  • Must Have An Idea Or Concept For A Business Or Potential Business Purchase
  • Must Be A High School Graduate Or Have G.E.D. College Or Seminars A Plus
  • Must Have Priority To Start A Business Verses Finding Full-Time Employment
  • Must Have Family Agreement To Start A Business Or To Purchase A Business
  • Commitment To Attend All Seminar Conferences Computer Labs & One2One Consulting And Mentor Meetings
  • Commitment To Complete A Viable Business Plan And To Implement Plan
  • Commitment to Mentor A Future Business Owner

Who should attend? Individuals who are in career transition due to company re-locations, plant closures or down-sizing and layoffs.

You may be eligible for FREE microenterprise training through your local WorkSource Center, Veterans Administration, Social Security Ticket-To-Work Program, Vocational Rehabilitation or Workers Compensation Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit.