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The Business Entrepreneurial Stewardship Training (BEST) Mobile Accelerator Program is an 5-week Project-Centric, Professional-Action-Competency, Mobile Device-Based Program. Each participant (enterpriser) will identify and choose to commit to an idea (project) to research, analyze, and to write a Business Plan for a specific type of business venture; which will then be implemented and executed to generate one new business enterprise; and will create at minimum one new job (your own vocation).

This training program builds the business ownership (executive) skill-set using the four dimensions of competency – technical, methodological, social and individual – that are promoted and transmitted integrally through entrepreneurial principles and technical assistance; which produces the main objective of preparing purpose-motivated visionary people with professional action skills to start-up an enterprise and to succeed in business.

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Top Ten Reasons To Invest In Yourself...

Business Plan Interview

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A Great Tool! Engage the Business Plan Interview for your first step in organizing your road map for business success! Available as either an e-Book or PDF Workbook. We welcome your comments about the Business Plan Interview.

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