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Centro Unit 5: 

Operations & Management

Working with the Section 5 Mobile App Exercise, to review your Operations, Management and Team.

Start-Up USA

Webisodes and Episodes of Seasons 1-8 of various Start-Up Business successes and challenges.

Make 48-

Everybody's Got A Big Idea!

We're all about hosting incredible events for creative minds of all ages to compete.

Management Operations & Team Building

What Is Operations Management?

Getting Inside A Lender's Head: Operations Plan

Building A Management Team

If the time has come to admit you can't do it all, this guide can help you figure out just who you need on your executive team, where to find them and how to hire them.

Public Counsel Small Business Application

The Los Angeles Public Counsel Community Development Project for Small Business Pro Bono Legal services.

Bet Tzedek Small Business Development Program

Bet Tzedek and LA Represents help small business owners in Los Angeles find free legal resources to address problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Benefits Of Outsourcing 

For Your Business

So you’re thinking about outsourcing? Good for you. It’s a great way to save money and improve your operations. It’s not for everyone though. 


What are your Outsources? Use the Outsources Worksheet to identify the best vendors, suppliers, agencies and partners to support your Small Business.

SBA Small Business Management

Small Business Adminstration Guide to Small Business Employee Management.

How The IRS Determines Independent Contractor Status

(IRS 20-Question Test)

One of the most common errors businesses make is not having the correct status for a worker. The choices are an employee or independent contractor.

IRS Review: Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) Or Employee?

It is critical that business owners correctly determine whether the individuals providing services are employees or independent contractors.

Bring The Cloud Down To Earth by Rhonda Abrams (eBook)

How to choose, launch, and get the most from cloud solutions for your business.

Farmers Business Insurance

Browse business insurance coverage types

and these are examples of the major components in your robust menu of business insurance options.

Guide For Workers' Compensation  In California

Click this text to start editing. This block is a great way to highlight key services of your business.

ZOOM: For The Digital Age

Create virtual experiences that attendees will love. Get started with Zoom Events, an all-in-one platform to manage, host, and report on all of your virtual events.

Facebook Live

A powerful way to connect with your audience or followers in real time.

How To Use Microsoft Teams For Your Business

With Microsoft Teams, you can chat or call employees and customers. Set up online meetings and join them from anywhere.

Enterpriser Workshop Evaluation

Enterpriser Workshop Evaluation

Please complete this brief Workshop Evaluation regarding Topics covered in Centro Unit 5: Operations & Management.

Thanks very much!

After the BEST Mobile Accelerator Live Zoom Conferences are completed, the Executive Engagement includes One2One Coaching, Consulting and Technical Assistance meetings and follow-up for Business Plan implementation and Capital Formation strategies.

Centro Unit 4: Marketing Strategy

Working with the Section 6 Mobile App Workbook Exercise, to review your Marketing Strategy.

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

24-Steps To A Successful Start-Up

Marketing Your Small Business

Creating a creative edge with your Marketing Plan for your Small Business.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy Used By Dominoes Pizza

The 4-P's Of The Marketing Mix Simplified

The Seven P's Of The Marketing Mix

Applying The 4-P's Of Marketing To Your Business

Strategies For Attracting First-Time Customers

Examples of techniques, advantages and disadvantages of marketing strategies to attract new customers.

Customer Referral Programs

Learn how to build and improve your  referral program from industry veterans.

Amazon Launch Pad

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs by providing resources, expertise and global support to help showcase and deliver innovative products like yours to millions of Amazon customers.

Marketing Plan

Getting Inside A Lender's Head: Marketing Plan

7 Parts Of A Marketing Plan

Please complete this brief Workshop Evaluation regarding Topics covered in Centro Unit 4: Marketing Strategy.

For continous improvement, we ask that you please complete the Enterpriser Evaluation immediately after each Workshop. Your comments, feedback and suggestions are invaluable. Thanks very much!

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