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Entrepreneurship Movies

Great American Entrepreneur Stories For Learning

Top 12 Entrepreneurship

Autobiographical Movies

Top Twelve Recommended Autobiographical Films About Entrepreneurship

Watch these films which are recommended for your viewing pleasure for both entrepreneurs and microenterprise business owners. They are Great American Entrepreneurship Stories about the challenges and successes of business ownership.

  1. Joy
  2. The Pursuit Of Happyness
  3. The Founder
  4. Steve Jobs
  5. Tucker: The Man And His Dream
  6. The Aviator
  7. Social Network
  8. The Wolf Of Wall Street
  9. The Pirates Of Silicon Valley
  10. Coco Before Chanel
  11. Self Made

Add any of these gems to your DVD movie collection, as digital downloads or by video streaming. There is great value in viewing these autobiographical screenplay adaptations (more than once) about entrepreneurship; because they should serve as motivation, inspiration and sometimes cautionary examples of the challenges and successes of business ownership.

We recommend to select any three (3 each) of this movie collection for viewing. There is much to learn from the mistakes others have made on their pathway to success; how they have handled their failures, and how they and their loved ones adjusted to their successes. If you have seen any of these titles already, watch them again. For the ones you have not seen yet: put them on your "To-Watch" List.

Spoiler Alert!

To avoid spoiler alerts for your fellow future Enterprisers, we welcome you to share your comments and thoughts regarding your viewing by completing the Movie Night Summary below or by downloading the Entrepreneur Movie Summary. Print and e-mail to:

You may find these Movies on NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon or YouTube. Get your popcorn and refreshments and take good notes. If you would like to watch movies remotely with your fellow Cohort Enterprisers, please visit the following video sharing links below:

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Let us know of any other Great American Entrepreneurship Movies to share. Enjoy!


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