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Five Ways Entrepreneurs May Promote Good Health

Preserving our good health should be our number one priority to becoming a successful entrepreneur or business owner.  Many of my past engagements with my students and clients have shown that our zeal for achieving our vision leaves little to chance for our balanced-life.  What may not start as an intention may sneak up on a busy day-to-day business owner who skipped a breakfast or lunch; or decided to work 70-80 hours a week to complete an assignment or project. After a season of this routine, it becomes acceptable to keep your work or business in front of everything else. Understand the importance of your business as the revenue generator and understand the importance of your good health and availability to steward that vision to success after success.

Here are five recommendations to promote and to safe-guard your good health as an entrepreneur:

Make certain a nutritious breakfast or lunch are included as part of your daily routine or regimen. take time to plan and choose the healthiest selections of food that you like that also promote energy and vitality. Drink water throughout the day. At the end of the day, share dinner with family, friends or associates and wind down from the days rigor of activity.

When at home, resist the temptation to work. If you have a new idea, just journal your notes and review them first thing the next day of business. Of course there are exceptions, however working-after-working hours should be the exception and not the rule. Make certain you get adequate sleep and are rested for the next days challenges.

Plan time to work-out or exercise regularly. Bicycling, jogging, walking, swimming or a membership at a fitness center gives relief, relaxation and a chance for rejuvenation. Physical activity is good for the body and mind. An occasional visit to the spa will do wonders for relieving stress from business vigor.

Schedule activities with family and friends to give opportunity to engage with others without discussing business. Downtime could be any of a variety of activities, including: live sports events, theatre productions, music concerts, amusement parks. Simple visits to the park or beach or zoo or outdoor activities also create great balance. Don't forget to schedule special weekend getaways or vacations when appropriate.

Read at least a book a month. Now you have the to opportunity to choose to read for pure enjoyment or to read about how you may improve your business or gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Whatever you read, make sure it;s fun and not laborious.

These are just a few recommendations to help promote health and wellness for business owners. Would love to hear from you to share what works for you. Protecting your health is a reasonable investment for anyone who plans for success. Stay healthy and fit!

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